Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

I haven't received my Activation Email or Password Reset email from the Education Center

These emails are sent directly from our Education Center system from no-reply@northpass.com. Please make sure your IT department “white lists” or accepts emails from no-reply@northpass.com so that they don’t get removed/filtered before being received by the students.

Why can't I download and/or view a document within the curriculum?

Some companies have strong policy rules on certain types of website that may prevent some documents from uploading or downloading. Please make sure your IT department adds the following 3 sites to the TRUSTED site catalog:

What is your Credit and Student Substitution Policy?

A credit can be issued towards a future program if cancelling after 10 business days and up to the delivery of the first session. No changes or credits are available after first session has been delivered. Student substitutions can be completed up until 3 business days before delivery of the first session.

What Browsers are Supported in The Recruiter Academy Education Center?

In order to facilitate an interactive learning experience, our system utilizes modern javascript and browser technologies. The browsers supported were specifically selected to allow users to engage interactively with the content, and include all major browsers, including all Chrome and Safari versions, Internet Explorer 10 or greater, and Firefox 16 or greater. Click here for additional support documentation from our learning management system site.

Why am I not receiving calendar invite and reminder emails from the GoToTraining system?

Some companies have strong anti-spam email policy rules that may possibly prevent notices sent from the GotoTraining system. Please make sure your IT department “white lists” (accepts) these automated emails from any email address ending with @gototraining.com.

Why am I getting a GoToTraining error that my registered email address is already in use?

Each user has a unique connection to the Live GoToTraining Sessions. If you gave someone else you Login Link from the GoToTraining Calendar Item, and they login into the Live Session using that link, you will be blocked from entering as well. They should Join the Live Session from within the My Learning Center directly to prevent this double usage.

Why am I getting a GoToTraining execution error when I try to join a live session?

There are three possible reasons for this error – the main one being the wrong version of GoToTraining is installed. Click here for that link and support documentation from the GoToTraining website.