RACR Recertification and Continuing Education

Our goal has always been to inspire you to take action and create new Good Habits. While we believe that becoming RACR certified is a significant achievement, we also know that lifelong learning & continuous improvement is the key to success in life.

We have created a program designed to ensure you continue to create new
Good Habits and are committed to lifelong learning. There are no renewal fees,
CEU tracking, quizzes, or tests to worry about. We are simplifying the process of
learning and increasing retention.
Our recertification program is built on the foundation of the RogueHire Value of
leading a Kaizen Way of Life:

  • Strive to be 1% better each day
  • Change is good (unless it is changing for the sake of change)
  • Lifelong learning & continuous improvement
  • Instilling new Good Habits is the key to professional and personal success and

Our goal is to create a Recruiter Academy Alumni Community that is inclusive of
our philosophy and core values

About the RACR Recertification Program

Your RACR certification is valid through the calendar year after you complete the

(For example, if you complete the RACR course and certification requirements in 2023, your certification is good through December 31, 2024)

Before Your Certification Expires, follow these simple steps:

  • Complete the Re-Certification Deployment Plan (located in our Recruiter
    Academy Alumni Center)
  • Review your Re-Certification Deployment Plan with your Direct Supervisor
  • Send your Re-Certification Deployment Plan to alumni@roguehire.com and expect a response within seven business days

Currently a RACR Certified Recruiter? Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • You will not need to recertify until 12/31/24.
  • You do not need to continue tracking CEU’s!
  • You should complete the Recertification Process outlined above on or before

Recertification Support Services:

The Recruiter Academy Alumni Center

You will have unlimited access to the latest live module recordings, class guides, forms, implementation checks, recertification Deployment Plan, and more.

RACR Alumni Boot Camp

Twice a year, we will facilitate a 5-module RACR Alumni Boot Camp to reinforce
the focus on getting “1% better daily”.

  • If your certification has lapsed, you must attend the Boot Camp and follow the three steps outlined above to recertify.
  • If your certification is currently active attending Boot Camp is encouraged but not required.

Recertification FAQ’s

Q: Do I have to track webinars attended and CEUs?

A: No, we have discontinued this process. If you were already working to get recertified with the old process, you now need to follow the new process outlined

Q: I was in the process of getting recertified; I don’t know where I left off.

A: No worries! If your certification is currently active, you simply need to follow the new recertification process outlined here.

Q: I believe my RACR certification has expired; what do I do to get it reinstated?
A: (1) You must attend the RACR Boot Camp session (this is mandatory);our first Boot Camp session will start in September 2023! Click here to sign up. (2) Follow the three simple steps for Recertification outlined above.

Have any questions? You can reach our team at alumni@roguehire.com