What does it mean to be a Recruiter Academy Certified Recruiter (RACR)?

Successfully completing all requirements of the RACR program demonstrates mastery knowledge of Best Practice recruitment methodologies, tools and techniques proven successful in today’s talent-driven marketplace. Successful completion of this RACR Program ensures recruiters understand the competencies and skills required to be an Elite Recruiter and were an active participant during the education program. The ability to become certified is included in the registration fee for all RACR programs.

Recertification Process

Our Certification Program is built on the foundation of life-long learning and a passion for continuous improvement.

With that in mind, all RACR Certifications are valid for 2 years after the year you complete the course. (Example: If the final module is delivered on 4/30/19 – your certification would be valid through 12/31/21.)  

If you completed a Recruiter Academy class and became certified, you will continue to have access to RACR Community and its extensive resource library for 2 years as part of your course fee.

  1. To retain your certification, you are only required to watch 16 RACR Community or webinars over the 2-year period.
  2. After the first two years, pay only $150 to continue your access to RACR Community webinars to remain certified
    • If after the 2 years following, you don’t watch 16 webinars, you can still pay $150 and continue your RACR Community membership but will not retain certification
    • If you watch 16 webinars during those next two years, you can still be recertified after your lapse in certification
    Example #1 – Brian pays for a Recruiter Academy class in 2022 and becomes certified. He has RACR Community membership access until Dec. 31, 2024. If in that timeframe he has watched 16 webinars, he remains certified. He would need to pay $150 to maintain his RACR Community membership and access to the RACR Community library in the Education Center for two more years. To remain certified, he would again need to watch 16 more webinars within the 2-year period. This process would continue for as long as he would like to retain RACR certification.
  1. If after completing the class you do not meet the requirements to become certified, you still have access to the RACR Community library of resources. There is no option for certification.
    • If you would like RACR Community access after the first two years has passed, it is only $150. NOTE: there is no opportunity to become certified, however there is significant value in having access to the industry’s newest best practices, tools and new webinar trainings created for the Education Center.
    Example #2 – Brian pays for a Recruiter Academy class and does not become certified in 2022. He is not certified but still has RACR Community membership and access to its extensive resource library in the Education Center for two years (December 31, 2024). After that time, if he wants to maintain access, he would need to pay $150. There is no opportunity for certification

The Education Center now tracks your webinars. All you need to do is once you watch one, you will answer “yes” to the Acknowledgement question located below the webinar! You can easily go back and see which ones you have viewed.

If you have participated in a past RACR Healthcare or Corporate class, and would like to renew your access to the program for 2 years, Click Here.

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