What does it mean to be a Recruiter Academy Certified Recruiter (RACR)?

Successfully completing all requirements of the RACR program demonstrates mastery knowledge of Best Practice recruitment methodologies, tools and techniques proven successful in today’s talent-driven marketplace. Successful completion of this RACR Program ensures recruiters understand the competencies and skills required to be an Elite Recruiter and were an active participant during the education program. The ability to become certified is included in the registration fee for all RACR programs.

Recertification Process

Our Certification Program is built on the foundation of life-long learning and a passion for continuous improvement.

With that in mind, all RACR Certifications are valid for 2 years after the year you complete the course. (Example: If the final module is delivered on 4/30/15 – your certification would be valid through 12/31/17.)  

There are two options for Recertification:

  1. Development of a Recertification Deployment Plan and acquiring 30 Recertification Credits** before expiration of RACR Certification:
  2. Development of a Recertification Deployment Plan and retaking the Certification Exam:

**There are 4 ways to earn 30 Recertification Credits:

  1. RACRx Quarterly Retention and Advanced Education Sessions (8 total per year) delivered as part of the annual RACRx program.  Each session is worth 1.5 credits, for a potential total of 12 credits per year.
  2. All public Lean Human Capital Webinars. Each webinar is worth 1 credit, and there are numerous webinars delivered each year.
  3. Research and Publishing – examples include:
    • Writing a blog for our Weekly Guest Blog covering topics related to talent acquisition. (5 credits)
    • Writing an article that is published in a journal or periodical. (15 credits)
    • Presenting a topic related to talent acquisition at a conference or during a webinar. (15 credits)
  4. Participation in webinars, events and conferences that will benefit your recruitment skills, such as SHRM & HRCI approved education sessions or other quality instruction. Must provide approval codes for each session (1 hour = 1 credit).

Each RACR alumni is required to track and submit their acquisition of credits above utilizing the RACR Recertification Tracking Form. Once all 30 recertification credits have been acquired, and prior to your expiration date based on the guidelines explained above, please submit your Tracking Form in the Education Center under Recertification for review and processing.

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