Client Success

Over the years, our clients have had many “kind words” to say about our Recruiter Academy Education & Development Solutions and Recruiter Training. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built as the industry’s premier Recruiter Training and Certification organization!

Some recent examples include:

“I thought the certification program was excellent, really valuable. The structure was nice since it easily integrated into my work-week. I am very interested in enrolling my recruitment team.” – Director, Talent Acquisition

“This program is AWESOME!!! Take it from a girl who has recruited for the past 13 years (20 months for an agency, 11 years for a hospital system), this is a game changer.” – Director of Talent Management

“I am so glad I took this course! Since the curriculum was spread out over several months, each training session and the accompanying module of information had time to really sink in. LEAN instructors truly know recruiting and I learned a great deal from their expertise and willingness to be so frank and open about everything. I would definitely recommend this educational program to other healthcare recruitment professionals. It is well worth the time and money invested! You won’t regret it.” – Recruitment Specialist