Welcome Recruiter Academy Alumni!

The vision for all of our Education Programs has always been to inspire students to take action and create new Good Habits. We have created specific Alumni Centers for each course and a Recertification Program to support this vision and assist with lifelong learning & continuous improvement.

The Alumni Center pages listed below can be accessed once you become a member of our Rogue HealthCare Community (RHCC).

  • RACR (Recruiter Academy Certified Recruiter) Alumni Center
  • RACS (Recruiter Academy Certified Sourcer) Alumni Center (Coming Soon)
  • RACL (Recruiter Academy Certified Leader) Alumni Center (Coming Soon)
  • RACC (Recruiter Academy Certified Coordinator) Alumni Center (Coming Soon)

We hope you find these resources valuable in your pursuit of being an Elite TA professional!

David Szary

Founder – The Recruiter Academy, RogueHire & RogueHCC