Why Us

Our Philosophy & Methodology

Since 1997, we have been able to educate, train and learn from thousands of recruiters worldwide. 

This unique experience has provided us with a tremendous amount of knowledge about recruitment, continuous improvement, personal achievement, and wellness. We have also become well versed in the behavior modification process and how to instill new ‘Good Habits’!

All of our education programs are built on the foundation of the RogueHire value of leading a Kaizen Way of Life:

• Strive to be 1% better each day
• Change is good (unless it is change for the sake of change)
• Lifelong learning & continuous improvement
• Instilling new Good Habits is the key to professional and personal success and wellness.

Here’s what to expect as a student in one of our programs:

• Live, interactive Learning Sessions
• The opportunity to participate in active learning exercises at a pace that ensures knowledge transfer, behavior modification, and, most importantly – improved performance
• Best Practice Methodologies, Tools, and Techniques you can implement the very next day.
• Checklists, Forms, Guides, and Procedures to make implementation simple.
• Deployment Action Planning Methodology to instill new ‘Good Habits.’
• A positive mindset to ‘Be the Best you can Be’ each day.

“Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character, and character fixes our destiny.” – Tryon Edwards

Our Team

Our Ikigai (“Bliss”) is collaborating with industry professionals that have a passion for lifelong learning, continuous improvement, commitment to flawless execution, and ‘Being Your Best’ every day.

As Facilitators, we are constantly researching and testing new recruitment Best Practices. We ‘practice what we preach’ and strive to improve and update our curriculum after each class we teach.

We love what we do. We hope can feel our passion throughout the entirety of the program!

David Szary – Founder, Lead Instructor and Facilitator
Christine Hampton – Adjunct Faculty Member
Rick Follis – Adjunct Faculty Member