Client Success

Over the years, our clients have had many kind words to say about our Recruiter Academy Education & Development Solutions and Recruiter Training. We are extremely proud of the reputation we have built as the industry’s premier Recruiter Training and Certification organization!

Some recent examples from our 2023 class include:

“I’ve been recruiting for the last 7 years, and have learned so much more during this program than I have in the last 7 years.”

“I am very new in the recruiting role and this course helped set up my day better for success, gave me confidence when talking to hiring managers, and be more personal with the candidates! It has helped me think outside the box in certain areas. This course was not just great for me but also for my team! Every TA huddle I went over what I learned that week and what stuck out to me the most. They loved to hear everything and started a list of what we can do as a team!”

The R.A.C.R. certification class exceeded my expectations. I was most impressed by it not mattering how much experience you have, there was still so much to learn!

David, thank you for being such an amazing instructor. You are a gem of experience and ideas! Thank you for your wealth of knowledge and all the resources you supplied and brought to live during this course.

I have learned so much throughout the RACR program. I have been able to sharpen my skills and develop new ones. I have already improved my tactics and continuing to grow as a professional and person. My leaders are learning so much from this program through me and my colleagues as well. Thank you!

The Recruiter Academy has expanded my knowledge and sourcing techniques. As a fairly new recruiter, this has taught me many great tools. I would definitely recommend this course!

As a seasoned professional, I was able to build upon my current knowledge. I feel I truly became better because of this course.

Loved this course so enlightening, so many tools and resources available to equip you to be an elite recruiter. The presenters were always available for questions and wanted to make sure everyone had the tools to be successful.

It was an amazing class. Wonderful information. Thanks so much.

This program was refreshing and revitalized my career in nursing recruitment! Thank you!